Offer a special moment with a chef at home

A KAD'OH-CHEF is a pleasure to offer, to reward... A KAD'OH-CHEF is the perfect pleasure to offer an exceptional moment, a gourmet gift, a culinary journey... A KAD'OH-CHEF is a special present, an unforgettable experience for the recipient who will share a exceptionnal time with his guests and the chef.

Any other questions?

What is the minimum amount ?
You can choose the amount you wish to offer, per step of 25 €, starting from 100 €.
How long is valid the KAD'OH-CHEF?
The KAD'OH-CHEF is valid for 6 months from date of issue.

Can I choose any chef/experience?
Yes of course! Provided that the chef is free on selected days, you are completely free to your selection.
What will happen if my KAD'OH-CHEF is not enough for the chosen experience?
You are free to pay the difference at the booking time. Conversely, if your KAD'OH-CHEF is for an amount greater than the selected experience, you can use the balance for a future reservation.